James Laughlin's Guide to Snare Drumming - The Essentials Volume One is the perfect start for any snare drummer. Whether you are an absolute beginner, an intermediate player trying to improve the basics, or a drummer with a different background dabbling in scottish drumming for the first time, this 65 page e-book and 43 track MP3 accompaniment outlines snare drumming from the very basics of learning how to hold the stick, understanding basic theory, developing basic rhythms, mastering the essential rudiments and learning your first drum settings.

The Essentials Volume One offers a very professional and detailed approach to learning the snare drum. It has detailed descriptions below each rudiment, describing the sticking and the weighting. The high quality MP3s really assist learning, and offer a more interactive and diverse way to learn.

A great educational tool, a must-have for all drummers.

This book and mp3 sound files are available for instant download.