Ensemble is to the musical togetherness of the pipes and drums. Ensemble describes the overall sound, unison and quality of the musicians in a pipe band.

Ensemble has become an increasingly important part of pipe band performances. Pipers and drummers continuously strive to achieve complete integration of the pipe tune and the drum score. In pipe band competition, the judges are listening for much more than good piping and good drumming. Adjudicators are listening to the overall sound, unison and quality of the band -- The judges are listening for great ensemble.

Great ensemble requires good piping skill and good drumming skill. Great ensemble requires hard work and deliberate practice. Great ensemble requires attention to detail and careful collaboration. Great ensemble requires that the drum scores are thoughtfully and expertly written to perfectly match the pipe tune.

The tunes at PipeBandTunes.com include individual recordings of both the pipe tune and the drum tune and a recording of the pipe and drum tune played together as an example of perfect ensemble.

The tunes at PipeBandTunes.com have been arranged and composed to help you achieve perfect ensemble from the start.

PipeBandTunes.com was created by World Champions and experienced instructors Jori Chisholm and James Laughlin to give pipers and drummers around the world the opportunity to learn tunes faster and better than ever before.