These pipe tunes available for instant download here at include many of the most popular and well-recognized pipe tunes of all time.

From Scottish regimental classics like Scotland the Brave and The Rowan Tree, to poignant Airs like Amazing Grace and Highland Cathedral. We have selected a good variety of tune styles, including 2/4 Marches, 3/4 Marches, 4/4 Marches, 6/8 Marches, and Slow Airs. The tunes have been selected from the most widely played and standard settings.

I have been teaching pipes online for several years and students from around the world have enjoyed I'm very excited to be working with James Laughlin, a tremendous drummer, superb teacher, and experienced composer. We have collaborated on the tunes here at to create the world's first and only place to download the pipe and drum music together.

We will be adding more tunes in the near future. Please send me an email if you have any ideas for new tunes to add to the site. If you have a specific tune in mind that you want right away, order a custom tune.

Good luck and enjoy the tunes!

Jori Chisholm
Co-Founder of
and Chief Piping Instructor