The drum scores available for instant download here at are composed for a pipe band side drummer at the beginner to Grade 4 level.

The scores for the Scottish snare drum are designed to accompany and enhance the pipe tune. All of the scores on  have been composed in such a way that highlights the melody of the tune in the most effective way.

As a result, good ensemble is built in to these drum scores from the very beginning. Creating emotion, impact and delivering dynamics are key factors that a drummer should deliver when they play. Simply playing intricate and difficult material does not win a pipe band contest nor the listener's ear. Classic tunes played musically with great ensemble is the key to musical success both on and off the competition field.

Additional tunes and tunes of varying difficulty will be added in the coming weeks. If you have an idea for a tune, please send us an email. If you have a specific tune in mind that you want right away, order a custom tune.

Good luck and enjoy the tunes!

James Laughlin
Co-Founder of
and Chief Drumming Instructor